Yessssssssssss !

I was on Urban Original and I found some Jessica Simpson knockoff's. As in, the boots from last last post.

Other than that, today a day of decisions. My friend's party is today, and I have to dress in a Halloween costume. Well, when you don't have a costume, a gift, and your parent's want to go to Palm Springs and shop, the choice is rather easy. But this is like a reeeeeally close friend of mine. I was looking forward to it this week, considering that it's a party. I knew I needed to find one, and fast. I was thinking between a chola or a grape, which are both diy. There's gonna be Mexican's at her party, and I didn't want to offend anyone, and you can't dance in a grape costume (people are bound to pop my balloon grapes anyways..). I feel bad. But this is my family whom I haven't spent any quality time with in weeeeeeeks. The party is at 6. And I'm going to be BOTHERED constantly on Monday by friends who had "lots of fun! why didn't you go?!".

about those boots..

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