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My day. Was pretty good up until now. I mean, school was chill, not like hardcore boring you would expect from a 2 hour class. I did have detention for being tardy, but since I had to be productive, I got my regular procrastinated homework done on time. Actually, half of it. I'm barely starting some right now. That's 'sides the point. These past two-three months of school have gone by fast (with an exception of those few bad days. we all have them, don't trip), mostly 'cause my positive outlook. With MNI's recent visit, and all the youth uniting once more, I thought things might get better. I thought maybe we'd just put our problems aside and try to live a good life, but it's depressing really. What I see just by looking at myspace. OUR GOAL HERE is to not live the same life we lived yesterday, but improve & change it. Course, it can't be done overnight. Who am I to judge, though? I just hope that's what we're doing. I guess I need to focus on myself rather than others. But um, I understand we all have our own problems, so I hope you all get through them w/ MNI in mind, k? Some of you may not have a clue what I'm reffering to, but honestly, this blog is what I call "versatile or unisex" haha. It goes for everyone. Don't lie, we all have some type of drama. Just try to get through it w/ a smile, not mattttter the issue. Try to be understanding. Yes, I am optimistic, can you tell?! Well anywhooo, we all busy too. I may not be as busy as I make myself, 'cause I manage my time incorrectly. For example, I should be doing homework. Or I should have like houuuuurs ago. Then I could've worried about my other issues. So thee end.

I needa halloween costume for my friend's party. Or else I can't get in ): I was thinking those diy grapes from aa's website of a chola ! Haha, laugh w/ me. Like I said in my last blog, I'm gonna shop in LA tomorrow. Or today, it's already the 24th.
GOOOOOOOOOOOOOODNIGHT this time forsure. Prayers !

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