Today I was an emotional wreck. I guess it's just one of those days.

Like seriously, you don't understand (and neither do I) why I felt so under the weather. I was like using my hair to cover my face as I cried silently. It was hard, being w/ lots of family members in a public restaurant. I was seriously vulnerable to everything they said. Whether how it was how I haven't been going to functions as often (which I don't understand, because the only one I didn't go to this week was the encore, and dude, I don't have that kind of money. I felt I was being hassled and pressured, which are why my family (sidenote: cousins, mainly), can get on my every nerve), or just the usual put-downs about my personality or whatever. I just really wanted to spend my day w/ the mom, dad, brother, maybe even grandparents, where I could be myself w/o being insulted. One of my cousins was ultra-annoying w/ her ditziness that I really wasn't in the mood for, and the other was just constantly nagging me about how I haven't been around much. Is it reaaaaally their business about my relationship w/ MNI and what I do on my own time ? So really, this was what topped-off my day, since I didn't do anything yesterday (longer story to an already long story) which really upset me, and all I really want to do is just lay in bed for a week and watch Sex and the City and blog.

So sorry for any unknown or non-existent readers for this load of crap I had to get off my shoulders. I guess if I wanted readers, I'd start posting up the outfits, and cut the diary entries. Thing is, I haven't got much to post (outfit-wise) due to lack of money. I think I'm going thrifting tomorrow, so hopefully I'll find something good.

Other than that, I'm looking forward to a lot of diy:

The Raquel Allegra t-shirts(above) are waaay out of my budget, so I'm just gonna try to follow the Childhood Flames tutorial(below).

The Norwegian Wood Chain Harness(below) designed by Michelle Yue is also too much, so I'll try to do it Lulu's way (above; unless I can attempt Michelle's).

The cut leggings (Balmain) that everyone is doing-themselves:

Oh, and those precious studded moccasins/boots we all want:

That many a blogger have already done successfully.

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