Oh man. Stresssssssssed. And it worries me incredibly that I'm only a high school freshman AND it's only the beginning of the year. Thank God it's Friday. Really, thank God.

So because of stress (namely because I pull all-nighters one night, and because of my exhaustion from the previous night, fall asleep the minute I get home and wake up th next day. You can only imagine morning homework crams), I haven't been able to blog. People, never procrastinate. Then you can't blog and you get bad grades (not to mention, you have to miss Sex and City!).

My fashion inspiration is at an all-time down-low since my duration of fashion blogging, and I find myself clueless in the mornings since I don't know what to wear. I haven't been anywhere except school, and I can't find much inspiration there. I mean, it's not that they don't try, it's that they try too much. Following trends is inevitable for me, but mainstream is the epitome of my school. Or the other way around. I like finding inspiration in anywhere it's not expected. Actually, no. Just any place with anything not mainstream. Basically, I need to get out and be inspired. I have become a slave to homework & not managing my time correctly. Distributive Property: Rushing(No inspiration + much homework cramming) = Late. As if I've ever been punctual.

BUT, above all, I have not made enough time for my spiritual life, my church group, all that is important to me. Don't get me wrong, I pray still (guilty of forgetting, sorry God !), try my best to live a highly spiritual life, etc. I just really need at least a week extension of summer break. *Deep breath*.

So I'm done. Why is that I can write an essay nobody wants to read and not do my homework ? Reality bites !

I think I'm gonna start taking pictures. For no reason (or so this blog has something other than words!). :)

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