Blog time !

I have been recklessly looking through blog after blog after beautiful blog today. These past 2-3 hours have been spent looking at blogs and avoiding homework. I love love love the Spain Elle that featured famous fashion bloggers. I did, in fact end up at The Sartorialist, and found much inspiration to add to my every day casual attire. I found the greatest accessories I thought I'd never use in my mother's closet (surprise, surprise), and am reaaaaally tempted to sneak her Marc Jacob's duffel bag-ish thing into my own closet.

I got some ruffled blue new-highs to go with my Richard Chai black skirt, UO cardigan, white tank and this awesome new necklace I made. Sorta. (Funny story: went to Michael's for art supplies, and instead got necklace charms). My ending result gave me a kind of Carrie Bradshaw get-up as seen on the third picture of my second or third blog.

Cell phone pictures: bad quality, clarity, and lighting ! Yuck.

So as I was saying, my latest inspiration is not only to have very simplicity & elegance in my clothing, but charm and grace. Let me paint the picture for you..imagine your getting photographed at the split-est split of seconds, and even then beauty radiates. Your focus goes not to your clothing, but you smile. Seriously, people. If you want real beauty, it shows in your smile and personality, not your clothing.

Last, but not least, I'm still loving the easy-going look of Alexander Wang's show from 2008 Fall Fashion Week (the show was last year, but the clothing is what's in style this fall..). Idk why, but I'm obsessed with this look.

Night night.

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