I don't know if you've heard of these, whether your into technology or books, you may not even care. But I do. These gadgets are just another sign on the 21st century. We have become so lazy, everything must be easy. We like easy. We don't like to work. For example, computers. I am a victim of it, and we now longer want to have to look things up in encyclopedias, buy records (or even cassettes, which needs some sort of technology to play them), or use typewriters. We must have the internet, an iPod, and printers. Even TVs, one of the first pieces of technology, have to go digital by next year.

You see, our world is changing, and becoming more convenient along the way. The problem is, are we becoming Fahrenheit 451 ? Say it isn't so.

Some things have become convenient in the best of ways, to save us time and effort (e.g. cell phones, computers, maybe even iPods). Others, like the television, have not (whatever happened to the beauty of watching things live? Watching movies and shows are nice to have, but most of it is polluted crap. Hardly will you find anything decent of true, beautiful filming if you flip on that stupid box. Reality shows? Movies/shows for the incredibly immature? Ughh.)

Which brings me to the eBook.

The eBook is an wireless electronic reading device that downloads books onto it for the reader's convenience. You pay about $200-400 for on (not including the books you have to purchase) , which may or may not include WiFi. Basically, you'd have to buy roughly 25 books in order to pay this device off. In my opinion, definitely not worth it. Bu above all, I oppose and despise this eBook thingy for NOT BEING THE REAL THING !

I mean seriously, come on ! It would be weird to compare books to your significant other, but I'll go ahead and state my point. Imagine a robot, that can does everything and more, but with no emotion, or physical similarity. I mean, you couldn't stare into his eyes, talk to him on a deeper level, feel his warmth, LOVE HIM ! I hate to sound cheesy, but you know that you can't live without that, without him. Same with books. No turning pages, seeing all their beauty next to each other on the shelf in all their intellectual glory, none of that. Of course, I love one more than the other, and that was a terrible example. The truth of the matter is, it's just not the same. Not to me, at least. I admit,I'm probably overreacting. But I'd feel like a traitor, and a traitor I would be if I purchased one.

REAL BOOKS, forever my 2nd love. Haha :)

My "would be" second home.

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