I like Fat & Drugs?

What? sort of. My personal style changes constantly as I get inspiration from people, places, etc., so right now, it's pretty much still Urban Outfitters mixed w/ a little hypebeasts. I'm very into the hypebeast plaid and and their gorgeous dunks. Is it 'cause of my Filipino ethnicity? Maybe. Did I mention their hot? Haha..Yes, the break-dancing is inspiring as well. Their style and steez can be a little too overdone at times (matching EVERYTHING, blinding bright colors), but I have to admit, LOVE those V-necks and again, plaid.

Yes, I'm still very into fashion and the beautiful clothes on fall fashion week, but I don't think that would be appropriate at school. In my small town, they're a little stylish here and there, but not to the point where they look like their clothes came off the runway. I want to stand out, but not look like the rich kid. Nuh-uh. Anyways, I'm all about simplicity.

Anywho, about urban outfitters. Sometimes it can be way to overpriced, and I just don't have that kind of money. My goal is to find clothes similar to the new Obesity & Speed line hitting UO in Spring '09, but if all else fails, I'll spend. SAVING UP (:

I'm loving the long cardigans and v-necks right now, loving the simplicity. I think if I just fixed up my hair, I could conquer the world. Or at least, ERHS.

ENOUGH RAMBLING..this is so boring, I know. To the point:

Oh yeah, TOPSHOP opens in NYC reeeeeeal soon !!!

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