Earlier this morning and last night I felt like a hippie on ecstasy pills. My metaphor could not be worse considering the subject, but that's what comes to mind. My reason for feeling high on cloud 9 would probably not be believable to readers, so I won't say what it is. As fast as it came, it's gone.

The feeling, that is. I feel so guilty, for the way I've acted, as if this "event" had not just happened last night. I should be happy and loving, and CHANGING. Oh course, I'll just have to take fault for my actions.

I know that there are people who let their imagination go wild, so whatever it is you're thinking, that's probably not it. I will tell you though, I am highly religious Catholic.

Anyways, didn't do much today. Went to On the Border and Target, where I was the worst of the worst. I was absent again due to last night's event, so it'll be tough catching up. Again, I'm feeling so NOT "under the grace."

"Everything my Father makes is perfect, it is man that makes it ugly."

Btw, those Colin Stuart's are sweeeeet.

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