The Umbrella's of Cherbourg

I have to say, blogging works wonders. People, I give you "Les Parapluies de Cherbourg" (translation: the title of this post).

Long, long ago, little Gaby was terribly bored and decided to accept the fact that her cable was removed (momentarily). She flipped through her limited amount of channels, until the black and white fuzz signaled her limit. In vain, she angrily flipped through the fuzz (& more fuzz..) until she discovered there were clear channels in the 90's & 100's. Her love for the French & their language (especially at that time) caused her to stop at what seemed like a French musical. She read the subtitles with great fervor:

Daughter: Mother, I have something to tell you.

Mother: Yes, Genevive.

Daughter: I love him.

Or something like that.

Gaby was unsure of what she was referring to, which added to her interest (keep in mind this was in French, in a wonderfully inspirational and colorful [oh the colors!] Parisian umbrella shop, and sung!). Note: Right now, Gaby really wants to explode and type out the entire story, but YOU MUST SEE IT for yourself. She says.

Anyways, yes, I must thank Starbucks and Jane Austen for posting a blog and sparking my memory. I was really obsessed. TERRIBLY obsessed when I saw this. I was so saddened, I shared it with all my friends back in the 7th grade. They didn't care, oh well. They had enough drama of their own anyways. Noow, it is an inspiration in a "fashion-lover's point-of-view", rather than my old "French-loving, lovesick, chick flick watcher's point-of-view", though I am still that. I kind of like the simpler days with like, 20 channels and the 5 hidden ones. But we all want VH1 Classic. Or it's just me. (: Now go watch it!

PS. My blogger "role models" keep talking about Roison Murphy & Vanessa Treina.
Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay, icons of the moment. You know you want Vanessa's Balmain minnetonkas !

PSS and since I'm adding all this random crap in, umm..I forgot nvm. I AM LAAAME !!!

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