Sanity Ends Here

Didn't wake up, ended up not going to the beach or Palm Springs. Woke up at 2:30, and am now consequently watching the CW until Gossip Girl comes on. And to top it all off, school starts tomorrow.

Maybe I'd be happier if I was a senior, and would be off to college next year. But a freshmen?? Where it's nothing but "WELCOME TO HIGH SCHOOL!" and whatnot. All you upperclassmen know it is. I'd probably just cruise by and get it over with like any other year, but I really hate this high school I'm going to. It pretty much is as huge as a college, but looks like a prison, personally.

But I've been complaining too much that it will end up being worse than I planned it out to be.

So I'll put on my positive attitude and a cheerful smile and hope that I won't be having more nightmares on the sad fact that I'll be taking Spanish after years of looking forward to French.

Did I mention classes were 2 hours long?

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