Hello again. First day wasn't really fun. Actually, it was very, very boring. But I guess you could say today was an improvement. Anyways, back to yesterday. Like today, everyone burned. Literally. Wasn't it hot ? Only the beginning of my problems. Or complaints. Of the first day (or yesterday itself), not just my school.

First of all, I hardly got enough sleep. I wasn't excited or anxious, more so not able to digest the fact that I really was going to that school (that's what I call indigestion). If I was an adult, that would be a moment in time where I'd break out Jack or Jose. Okay, so I am being a little dramatic. There's always someone suffering more than I.

So I get about 2-3 hours of sleep, because of "indigestion" and jitters from being "drove to drink"...Pepsi. I wake up at 6:30, and since I shower at night, I just needed to fix my hair, change, and put on the minute amount of make up I use (mascara and eye liner). I wanted breakfast desperately, but we had to leave pretty early due to traffic. Haha, I live 5 minutes away. So sleepy, hungry. The warning bell rings once I get there, and I try in vain to find my homeroom. Turns out, freshman have to go to a little orientation first. So I was late, no big deal. The school is literally a college campus ! Now I am sleepy, hungry, late. Off to a bad day, safe to say. So once I got through orientation..homeroom..now 1st period. P.E. BORRRRRRRRING. Keep count: sleepy, hungry, bored (it's 2 hours long in PE alone !). We have this thing called "block schedule," so I had my third period class, Spanish (odd day, you take 1,3, and 5 period; hence the name) next. Possibly the best class of the day. It went by relatively fast, and we can eat in there. But you know, it is still Spanish, and not my beautiful Francois (fran-swa). Sleepy, hungry, bored, and French-less. Next was lunch, but unfortunately..NO MONEY. So here I muthafxckn am, hellllla tired, hungrier than EVER, bored walking around with my friends in the scorching sun (shade? noooooo let's roast), aaaand still French-less. Then, I go to 5th period and I'm a loner in a class full of sophomores and juniors. Then for the icing to the cake, the cherry to my sundae...my mom found out about my secret subscription to The New Yorker, and my deadline to pay for a total of 94 issues for $77 is on the 18th of this month. I thoroughly enjoyed my first magazine to what I thought would become a fine collection, but instead, ended abruptly. It was good while it lasted..all 138 pages of it.

So although today was better, which I will explain more later on today, I still don't want to be there.


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