Weekend, finally.

I didn't have anything worth blogging, or maybe my inconsistency is starting to sink in. Laziness. School is wearing me out, because my procrastination and afternoon naps have caused me to do everything really late. If I keep it up, I'm screwed. Let's go over my just-changed skedge.

1) Contemporary Media
3) Spanish 1
5) Language Arts Honors
2) Pre-Calculus Honors
4) P.E.
6) Biology Honors

Oh gosh. My first periods for both days scare me a little, but it's all good (Precal Freshman year? Not a smart choice. $140 Calculators? Crazy. And I'm only taking ContMedia because I want TV Production next year [News Anchoring = Dream..Coincedence maybe?]). It's okay. Spanish is chill, but 2 hours in PE is torture. Bio sucks though. AHHH, I lost my LA textbook, which cost about...$80. GRAND TOTAL OF: $220. We're not doing too good financially.

Anywho, yesterday was pretty good. For some reason, my mom brought us virtually everywhere. Toys R Us, Target, Cost Plus, Game Stop, and Shogun's. Obviously, the toy/game stores were for my brother. Target is kind of like a cheap addiction, especially when I'm almost broke. I got a cobalt blue Richard Chai wool jacket and really cheap denim bermuda shorts (to cut) on sale.

At Cost Plus I got Imported Belgian Chocolate to die for, and spreads from Holland. That place is my new secret obsession. I really wanted some French Lavender soap, but you know, it was pricey.

Reading Lolita..it's interesting..it's GOOD. I have a long "waiting-list" of books I need to read, yet I'm tempted to buy more.

Nothing much, but I'm bored, tired, and avoiding homework. I have an essay, take home test, and lots of Precal, so busy weekend. I'm watching the Train collision and all the fatalities on the news, and it's sad. Oh, and the scary hurricane Ike. Start of a bad weekend? Hope not. PRAYERS NEEDED.

Otherwise, I want a library in my future house. It's my guilty pleasure: Personal libraries with thousand of books and hundreds of shelves. Modern look is appealing, but as a book lover, I prefer the books on the shelves rather than the look of the shelves.

Personal envy, which is what I want! It's effing perfect. Ooh, can't wait. Goodnight.

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