Wow, where have I been ?


inspired by this picture(from The Sartorialist):

Nordstrom Rack faux Leather Jacket : Target Boy's Section Flannel Top : Ralph Lauren Trousers : Vince Camuto Flats

I realize that Thanksgiving is long gone, but due to my neglegence to posting pics, I decided to post up these old pics anyways. Plus, I really like the backdrop of my pictures, which were actually prohibited areas at the hotel we stayed at. If you don't recognize the scenery, this is Palm Springs (:

My Thanksgiving weekend had the potential to suck, if not for all the great little thrift stores.


Jonathan Saunders for Target : Diy Tee ala Raquel Allegra : Forever 21 "Drop Crotch" Pants (sort of short) : Vince Camuto Flats

Also, I got this vest from the Jonathan Saunders line for Target (which sucked, in general), which is probably the only thing I liked from the line. Those little kids are my cousins (they took my pictures, bless them), and I thought it was a good picture it the oufit..

Sorry for the sucky shoes..I only brought these and some Converse. When will I ever where heels in public? Oh and the shredded tee I made sort of sucked, so I'm planning on making a redo.

I'll try to keep this blog as updated as possible!!

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