See, even Garance says..

There's nothing wrong with vintage. It's not a fad or phase like some people may look at it, but an inspiration. Otherwise, all mom's and grandma's clothes would go to waste.
"The way fashion can unabashedly draw inspiration from the past doesn’t bother me one bit; I find that the more we advance, the more we free ourselves from fads. And the more it becomes that way, the easier it will be to have fun with fashion, find one’s style and pull from whichever wardrobe to whip up something of your own."
After a trip to fashionspot..I have a mad urge for waistcoats and still craving a perfect pair of ripped jeans. I can't pull off the Topshop ones Erin Wasson wore (we've ALL seen them) so I'd like too tone it down and go for something with fewer rips. Balmain, anyone? But what's with this Egyptian trend..let's see if I start liking it.

Photo Source: The Fashion Spot

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