Gone in a heartbeat

I die whenever I see these babies. Oh Sam Edelman, can't you spare me and have hundreds more in stock? I'll never win on eBay..And my life savings couldn't even buy me the real things (Balenciaga, of course).

Would you, if my life was on the line? Until then, I'll just live vicarously through Rumi.

Image Source: eB ay


alyssa said...

ugh losing on ebay is so depressing. i hate it! good luck on finding another pair!

erika said...

hahaha omg i know what you mean about living vicariously through rumi. i die every time i see the red or black chloe docs. *cries* i will never get them!!

Gabrielle said...

alyssa - I know! I waited for 4 hours one for some shoes once. I bid 5 minutes before it ended, just in case someone wouldn't outbid me, and still lost!

erika - seriously, those shoes are yet another example of her glorious shoe collection!