I Have a CRUSH

on this girl's style. I'm telling you, she has mastered simplicity. And that Bon Jovi shirt, well I kind of loathe her for owning one (why don't I have one)? Seriously, Jon + Metal hair in the 80's = love.

Her name is Lisa, btw, and you already know she's from Stockholm.


Song of Style said...

wow, now i have a new crush!
thank u for introducing meeh to her!!

FunkyFashionWays said...

I ADORE The look with the retro old school glasses, t-shirt, skinny jeans and plain shoes....its simple yet really funky! Your style is FUNKED UP! Love it!

non-ignis-fatuus said...

im in love !

wattp though. somehow came across ur blog ..and props. cant hate anyone who appreciates fashion. haha. see ya round.