Did you have a heart attack too?

Yes, I'm referring to the latest Gossip Girl episode. Mostly because I'm still very depressed over the Serena/Dan split. Too much drama for one show. Not that I didn't like it, it was INSANE. I was like, "Oh no he didn't! Oh no she didn't!!" and so on. Help me remind myself it's just a show :P

"We do our best to preserve our youth and control beauty. Yet, it’s the best way to lose it." -Garance Dore
Amen Garance! You should read her latest entry, I didn't know she was quite the preacher. Anyways, my day was quite dull as are all Mondays, and I was weirded out one too many times. I also received my new lace-ups from eBay: They look hideous, I know. Even more in person, but I kind of love them for that. I bought them since I couldn't handle Doc's (yet) and they were a mere $5 (plus $10 shipping). Weird thing is, I find myself loving the squishy heel...oh man.

Well, I must start my science fair project and attempt an all-nighter for my research report. Not to mention loads of Pre-Cal homework. Gooooooooodness. Night !


dannie said...

i think the shoes look pretty:D

Gabrielle said...

thanks dannie!