It's almost 4:30, and I haven't slept. Ugh, Monday, the start of another week.

My weekend was good. I mean, there was Halloween on Friday..then Disneyland on Saturday. We rode 20+ rides, including Tower of Terror and California Screamin' from Cali Adventures. If I said there was lots of walking, that would be an understatement. No pictures were taken, on account of forgetting my camera and my dad not being there. Slept most of Sunday till 6:00, and never slept since. Buuut, I always hear/learn about drama at the end of it, which makes my weeks very hard. Then the stress added on from the week..even harder. Watch as I fall into depression people.

I leave you w/ the Vogue Nippon November issue w/ Erin Wasson. It's titled Soul City and features the clothing for Comme des Garcons line for H&M. Perfeccccctioon.

I really wish I could stay in and watch chick flicks all day, ones that only happen in movies, ones my naive mind still believes can happen. I need to be put in a room for a week to just do that. I need a break.

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Ahhnnnneeee said...

Honey, we have a 4 day weekend, lets plan our annual cousin sleepover. mkay? thanks :)