Halloween, Short Hair, and Disneyland

If I had the guts, maybe I'd cut my hair that short. My favorites being Keira's and Audrey's (of course).

On a lighter note (since I can't bear the though of my hair being chopped off thaaat short), I am going to D'land w/ my cousins (the same ones that gave me that migrane last weekend) tomorrow. Yes, I love them to death, so maybe it's a sign I should stay away from them for a while longer..Which will never happen. I will see them, it's like, inevitable. Oh and, I haven't been to Disneyland in aaages, so this will be fun fun fun (: But will interfere with my party plans once again.

Did everyone have a happy halloween ? I sure didn't. Well, I got a crapload of candy, which will probably supply me for a week of so (ha! okaay, maybe 3?), but my father has been getting on my case all day. On everyone's, though my mom NEVER seems to mind. Maybe he's like, on his period. Ew, how gross.

Night. Hopefully I'll FOR ONCE post up pictures of myself tomorrow, though my clothing will probably be majorly casual and nothing-much-at-all-ish. It's Disneyland. If I was going to that party, on the other hand...

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