Valentine's Dilemma

Strawberries smothered in Nutella, The Beatles' Love Songs album, and the latest glossy (though I'd much rather prefer a good book) is fine accompaniment (or romantic substitute?) on this Valentine's Day. I'm very much the single gal (not complaining!), but nonetheless was showered with delicious treats by my loved ones...not to mention myself - strawberries and Nutella are a thriftier option for their "fancier" counterpart (chocolate-covered ones) but equally indulgent and fulfilling.
Give me that, a lulling record, and I'll just make up an imaginary boyfriend who would spoil me limitlessly (with shoes, of course)! Lame? I concur!

Happy Valentines Day to all my fellow single ladies & gentlemen, I send you my love and kisses! And to all you couples, cherish each other and spend it romantically (remember: it's all about the details!!!)



BEK F said...

haha love the ingenuity - will totally have to try nutella strawberries sometime! sounds like you had a lovely valentines day :)


LucieL said...

Great post! ))))

lindsey lowe said...

i'm all about my record player... makes listening that much better!

lindsey lowe said...

what are some of your favorite records? i am loving bon iver on vinyl. thanks for the post.

jamie-lee said...

those strawberries look yum! hope you had a great valentines day :)

Lena Ker said...

Nice blog:)

Meg said...

Ill follow you or sure! :)
Follow back if you want!


josyp said...

Such a great blog!! Love it....

...would really appreciate if you check out mine and maybe follow each other? that would be great!


thanks so much,
jos xx