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If you haven't heard of Nomenus Quarterly yet, I have just shared with you an invaluable treasure. If I'm not mistaken, it is the world's most expensive magazine - last time I checked, it was $6,500 - luxury at it's best. But I can't say that it's not worth it, as far as what its website provides. Everything from art to fashion to photography is found within it's pages; an art curator of sorts. And the fashion editorials - let me breathe for a second... the fashion editorials are envisioned specifically to recognize the clothing for the things that they are - art. Totally mesmerizing, giving my regular fashion glossies a true run for their money.
Upon seeing this editorial of the Rodarte Spring/Summer 2011 RTW (which I loved), I was left a bit hazy. NQ did a great job in encapsulating the emotions that the clothes emit, centralizing one article of clothing and using it to create an entire environment. Stunning. Nostalgic vibes just radiate from this, am I right? Let me just let it speak for itself...
Photos by Eric Madigan Heck / Styled by Emily Barnes / Modeled by Tilda Lindsteim

See the rest here, and make sure you check the Nomenus Quarterly archives - especially the art - and delve into their virtual treasure trove! Look out for their next issue at the end of March!

P.S. I'll try to fit in an outfit post sometime this week, I'm aware you haven't seen me since early/mid-2009! Though I can't say my looks have changed, my style definitely has been edited and tinkered with! 

(All photos via Nomenus Quarterly)


Beckerman Girls said...

omg.. I LOVE ALLLLL of these pics!!! The Rodarte clothes are INCREDIBLE and the background is sooo dreamy and perfect with the clothes!!!
xoThe Beckerman Girls


Vinda Sonata said...

love the editorial, although a bit too "Crowded" for my liking.
do they use very outstanding paper? how come the price is really up-high?

Lori said...

these photos are amazing! i love how they went overboard with the decorating

...look closer

gabrielle said...

that is completely insane. thanks for turning me on to NQ. so glad i stumbled upon your blog.


ChiccaStyle said...

Great photos, love them all!!!
Thanks for sharing!

rouli said...

great post and blog here dear

archives said...

these images are gorgeous!

LaurenSchoon said...

Gorgeous photos!

minnja said...

great :)))


Castle Fashion said...

This was a heart-warming collection of photos. I particularly like the top in this photo.

Castle Fashion

Karoline Kalvø said...

Love your blog. Gorgeous. Now following. Hope you'll follow me back.

Check out my blog if you've got time and feel like it. It would mean a lot. I've just started.
Karoline Kalvo

ChiccaStyle said...

Amazing photos!!!
Thanks for sharing.

Mariam et Olivia said...

nice photos

KIsses from France.Olivia & Mariam


The Man from Amsterdam said...

Ahhh! Love these pics!

Kayla said...

Love the backgrounds for these photos!


Snow Black said...

Intersting editorial. Love your blog ;-)

Edgy said...

LOVE the second picture :)


Jenni Wells said...

sounds like an amazing magazine!! thank you for sharing.


Alexandra Amico said...

nice pics!!


Katjusha sleepless in Berlin said...

thanks for sharing those great pics! I just need to prepare a photoshoot for class and this is def an inspiration!

greetz from berlin!


Tea For Two said...

The vivid colours and distinct styles of the locations serve to further accentuate the character of the clothes. Great stuff. For me it's what more editorials should aim at.

Dannie said...

ooh, soo ethereal :) love love love- ur blog is awesome

ANN said...

These images are amazing!


Following you, hope you'll follow back!


Zarna said...

these shots are amazing - i love the rodarte pieces! i can't believe its 6500, thats so crazy!

alexandra grecco said...

so beautiful. thanks for posting ; )