The High Fidelity Redux

Golllllly, the length of that hiatus was more than unexpected!

First of all, my sincerest apologies to my wonderful, devoted followers who never lost faith in the resurrection of this blog! Second, I've been contemplating (loosely) the revival of HF, but I never thought I would actually succumb...Late into last night - almost out of the blue - I took one deep breath and voilà! One blog make-over and I'm back to my fashion blogging roots. Even after my year-and-a-half long break, I've always considered myself a fashion blogger. I'm incredibly remorseful of the day that I neglected this blog! But there is no room for regret, I'm here and that is that. With that said, you have my word that regular posting will resume - perhaps an outfit post (????) - would you like that? Ahhhh, so much has changed! But alas, there is no time for catching up, let's pretend like this never happened?! Cheers to new beginnings!

I've missed you all,
xx Gaby

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Ana Agulló said...

Love all the pics! xx