I want to achieve a look that doesn't look too overdone. Soft wavy hair, light make-up, & simple outfits, that when combined, result in a sort of sophisticated sexiness. Not in a revealing way either. I wish I was Anouck.

Photo Source: Unknown, Garance


geisharock said...

gorgeous pictures - especially her hair in the first one!!

♥ fashion chalet said...

that first image is so precious :)
love your Twitter background, by the way! ;)


Gabrielle. said...

ahh...all three of these girls are absolutely gorgeous, but the first one blows my mind! she's stunning. i love the effortless wave to her hair.

by the way. we share the same name.

♥ fashion chalet said...

yay for Celestial love haha :)


kimvee said...

I love soft wavy hair & light make up. It's so natural and fresh :)

Claire said...

I'm always so envious of the soft wavy hair - wish I could get mine so smooth and soft without spending 3 years on it!