I wish this was my evil twin

AH! You must check out this line from PLATINUM EVIL designed from our fellow blogger, Jodes. Acid wash denim, lattice cut jeans (inspired by Rumi's, she confessed), & so much more beautiful, beautiful things. She has talent, and I can't wait for her to sell these. Gahh, it's perfect.

Check her out here. I'll most likely have an outfit post by tomorrow, sorry for lack of updates.

Photo Source: Platinum Evil


Charm said...

That's awesome!

Rabenschwarz said...

the first and the love are fab.

V said...

great post

Krystal said...

those are all so gorgeous x

kait.lyn said...

love love love them all.

Stephanie D. said...

this is great! Stunning outfits. I will make sure to have a look!