The Ultimate Redundancy

Forewarning: This is extremely redundant and overwhelming. I was looking up some random crap and found some of the cutest things! No, they don't all relate to clothing, actually, half of them are things like soap and chocolate. This is just a wishlist after all.

1. Pixie Market Maud Legacy Buckle Boots
: Mmmm...I think they're calling me. Slouchiness and all that buckles is pure perfection!

2. Typewriter: Because I am an aspiring writer/journalist.

3. Silver/Pewter Nike Dunkkkkkks: Because the inner gangsta in me needs it. NOT. No doubt though - they're fresh.

4. Alex Wang Sheer V-Neck: Because it's sheer, probably soft, very loose. It's your basic tee, just 1,000,000,000x better. I could wear this with everything, though I won't.

5. Lavender French Cube Soap: Because it's perfect.

6. Ice Skates: Because I like old-fashioned things (thus the typewriter).

7. Han Cholo 'Bullet' Ring: Because apparel that doubles as a weapon is a must have.

8. Red Lolita Sunglasses: Because....not to attract pedophiles, just...they're soo cute, no?

9. Pyramid Studs: Because I want to stud everything in sight.

10. Beach Crusier: Because it's so cliche, I picture myself riding it by the beach on a peaceful, sunny day. Blech - but don't you love it? And it matches my skates.

11. Influence by the Olsen Twins: Because I still don't have it!

12. Vera Wang Princess: Because it smells soooo sweet. Mmm...
13. Ferrero Rocher: Because I gotta have my hazelnut chocolate!
I know you know everything on here by heart.


I thought I'd add it for the heck of it, even if it is 2 months from now..

1. Rayban Wayfarers:
Because I need sunglasses. Even if it's winter. I'd wear them in my sleep if I could.

2. Sewing Machine:
Because it's handy. I'd have to learn sometime. And yes - it's Hello Kitty!


alyssa said...

ugh everything on here is so spot on. i totally want the mongolian vest/ysl booties/balenciaga boots on your collage too. lust lust lust.

alyssa said...

by the way - the shirt was just the generic sak's brand. and i linked you! :)

Jenny H. said...

i loveeee the first pair of boots.
ooo i want them!
cute blog :)

bevly said...

what brand are those skates

Lisa & Jeff Jackson Family said...

Where did you get that hello kitty sewing machine? How much did it cost? Does it work well? I want to get one for my little girl. She loves making things, and loves Hello Kitty.