I honestly have no shoes. I think that's a major reason I don't post pictures of my outfits..

So anywho, I only own two main pairs, these ankle boots I just bought from f21, and some shiny Vince Camuto moccasins I bought a while back at Nordstrom Rack. Then I have some sneakers (e.g. ugly vans, and converse), and the rest are flip flops/gladiators. I mean seriously, flip flops 5 days a week are nauseating and disappointing, agreed?

Which brings me to my point. I need new shoes (obviously)! I did my "research", and as an ending result, I came up with these:

Oh, and I might get these, because I would be stupid not to take advantage of that price. I'm only getting the charcoal one (though they come in a suede version as well..). They remind me of these, kinda. They're totally in my budget..

..and if I win the minnetonkas of ebay, it will equal roughly: $130. Is that reasonable?

And lastly, I went shopping today and found this (the one in front), but my mom and the pricetag talked me out of it. I leave you with my would-be Christmas dress, where-art-thou?

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