Some Kind Of Wonderful.

I loveeeee red. Pants. and lots of mesh. Well, we all know Balmain's fall collection is gold, w/ all the red pants, animal prints, & metallic accents.

Oh my. Those snakes and that RED. like my whole fall/winter will be a total update. i'll be punk-ish and edgy w/ the exception of lotttts of lace to girl it up a bit. is that cliche? anyways, also some diy cut leggings. check out these cheap mondays. more diy.

Other than that, had a good day, early start. A Time For Us last night was reeeeeeal good. I promise that when I'm old enough, I'll join the next musical (: And a note for you coffee lovers..Pumpkin Spice Lattes..mmmm...Can't wait for Christmas for the Gingerbread & Candycane ones! Night (:

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