Welcome home.

You know, I have had many attempted blogs, but never committed to them. A true "blogger" would religiously update their blogs. Due to bad time management, I consequently never had the time to blog. Or rather so I did, but didn't know it. Ridiculous, right?

I don't know whether I'm doing this as training to become a future journalist (which is so high demand, my chances are slim); or just to give my outlooks, opinions, thoughts, etc. on various subjects. Maybe both, who knows.

As I said, becoming a journalist is what I hope to be, but it's not 100% guarantee. Then again, I am an optimist, so I always end up taking my chances and living on prayers. I hope that doesn't sound to cliche..

Haha, next Carrie Bradshaw? I can see that. Or not. I don't even live in Manhattan, nonetheless New York. She would be my alter ego, if I made time to make one up :P After all, I live in California, and it is SO different from New York, they minus well be on separate continents.

Anyways, enough rambling. This is my little challenge for myself to see if I can actually blog as much as possible. I believe that people who do that become intellectuals, since they are able to share opinions, as well as receive them. Some of them are very artistic, make me think when I read their blogs. Did I mention they're great writers. Ooh, triple threat.

I know you all are regular people, I didn't mean to say all bloggers are intellectual, artistic, and great writers. Maybe, I'm just theorizing here, all bloggers have one of those traits. Cause you'd have to want to put your thoughts out there in order to even think of publishing a blog. Unless all your friends have one and your just following the bandwagon (Blogspot is not for you, stick with Myspace !)

So, to end this first, exceptionally long blog, I'd like to thank whoever thinks they're responsible for seeing bloggers this way. I admire each and every one of you. Your view and opinions on things help me become more open-minded. I can experience your worlds, and in return, you can experience mine. Blogspot, I think I'm home !

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